7-Eleven pilots the first cashless payment store in Melbourne, Australia

7-Eleven, Australia’s largest convenience store retailer, is piloting its first cashless payment store in Melbourne.

According to news No. nineth, customers in the store area can now use smartphone software to pay for the goods they have purchased.

“It’s definitely a different shopping experience for consumers,” said Angus Mckay, chief executive of 7-Eleven. “they won’t have to pay cash at the checkout.”

Angus McKay, 7-Eleven’s chief executive, believes customers can browse and shop according to their needs and are not under pressure from shop assistants.

The company has spent the past 12 months fine-tuning its service philosophy based on technology and customer experience.

7-Eleven has no immediate plans to bring cashless stores to Australia.

“We need to make sure we don’t discriminate against any customer,” Angus Mckay said at the same time. Therefore, perhaps the way we choose in the future is based on what the customer wants and how it is convenient for the customer. These are what we are after. ”