About 100,000 russians use alipay every month

About 100,000 people use the Chinese payment system alipay every month in Russia, Russian news media reported, citing sources with the Chinese payment system.

Most of the deals took place on Chinese tourists, according to the source, and Alipay users included people traveling from China to Russia, working or studying in Russia.

According to Alipay, the average alipay user spends about 50,000 rubles ($749) on shopping four times during a trip to Russia.

More than 25,000 stores in Russia have alipay services, including major food chains, luxury retailers, duty-free stores and burger king.

Moscow subway station on the large loop by the ministry of transportation have alipay to open, in terms of other traffic, the ministry of communications in Moscow, will also pay treasure payment integration to the payment service system, that is to say, in succession, the Chinese people can be in Moscow by pay treasure to pay for the bus, tram, and convenient traffic tools, such as the bicycle.

Alipay representatives said that Chinese customers in Russia use Alipay to actively buy high-end clothing, jewelry and cosmetics branded by Russia and other countries. Dairy products, fruits, vegetables, chocolates, beers and Russian wines are also popular.

Chinese people like to buy vodka, candy and chocolate, Chinese spirits, Maotai and souvenirs in duty-free shops. The average consumption of Russian duty-free shops using Alipay is 3,925 rubles ($58.7).

According to the data of the Frontier Defense Bureau of the Russian Federal Security Service, there were 1.06 million Chinese citizens entering Russia in the first three quarters of 2018, an average of 118,100 people per month. In addition, there were 281,000 people on a business trip to Russia during this period.