Alipay Mini program marches into North America: Save 15 minutes with ClickDishes in Canada

At the beginning of 2019, Alibaba and Tencent, two giants from China, successively
submitted the 2018 annual report card of applet within one week:

Alipay: the number of users is 500 million, the number of daily users is 170 million,
covering more than 290 in the industry.

WeChat: more than 600 million weekly active users, covering more than 200 industry segments and serving more than 100 billion users.

At this time, the official online operation of Alipay Mini program was launched only
four months ago, just two years after the release of WeChat Mini program.

In the 2018, the Mini program was one of the rare bright colors in the slightly
dreary internet industry. Tencent founder Ma Huateng and “The Father of WeChat” Zhang Xiaolong both said that the Mini program will put Tencent’s future strategy first.

Eric Jing, chairman and CEO of Ant Financial, also admitted that alipay applet must
be one of the most important strategies of ant financial in at least the next three

According to the official data of Alipay, the Alipay Mini program has 120,000 daily
live users exceeding 230 million, especially the explosive growth after the addition
of drop-down entrance on the homepage of Alipay App.

Now, Alipay Mini program to vigorously expand overseas markets, has been swung North America.

Canadian mobile dining platform ClickDishes launched its own Mini program with the same name on alipay during the Spring Festival holiday, the Richmond news reported.

Chinese tourists and Chinese students in vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and other
cities can search in the main page of alipay and click “ClickDishes”. All restaurants
that accept alipay payment in the surrounding areas can be checked with one click. At
the same time, you can order food online and pick it up offline, which greatly saves

The Clickdishes platform has thus become Alipay’s first partner in North America to
offer a Mini program ordering service.

ClickDishes is the first social ordering platform in Canada that focuses on lunch
items. It was previously listed as one of the top 40 technology startups in Canada by
the Canadian government. Data for 2018 shows that one-fifth of all workers in
downtown vancouver are users of clickitems.

Alec Wang, chief executive of Clickdishes, said it usually took at least 10
minutes to line up for lunch during the Canadian lunchtime rush hour, plus 5 minutes to line up to pick up the meal, “We are glad to cooperate with alipay to provide simple in-app meal ordering service for consumers, so that they can enjoy the same convenience and security from the Internet as in China.”

Alipay North American general manager Wang Yulei revealed that late last year, Alipay in North America officially launched a Mini program platform, To help Canadian and U.S. developers more easily develop customized apps on the Alipay platform so as to provide Chinese consumers with a similar domestic experience.