Among emerging countries, Vietnam saw the largest growth in mobile payments

According to the Hanoi Times in Vietnam, the latest Global Consumer Insight survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that Vietnam saw the biggest increase in mobile payments in emerging countries, with a 61% increase in 2019, well above the 37%  growth rate in the same period last year.

The PWC report, which assessed the behaviour, habits and expectations of more than 21,000 online consumers in 27 regions, said consumer behaviour in many areas, such as entertainment and media, was changing rapidly.

Among the country surveyed, China accounted for the 86% growth rate of mobile payments, followed by Thailand 67%, China Hong Kong 64%, Vietnam ranked fourth, accounting for 61%.

Among the consumers surveyed, 24%use their smartphones online shopping every week, and 51 % use them to pay bills and transfer money online.
The report also shows that consumers are increasingly using digital technology for more than just shopping, with an increasing share of social media access.