Apple Pay announces support for city transit CARDS in several countries

At apple’s spring event on March 26th, the company unveiled three new subscription services, including a television service, a monthly subscription to games and a subscription to “all the magazines you can read”.

In addition, Apple has announced a partnership with Goldman Sachs, the US investment bank, to launch the Apple brand’s credit card.

Apple is very determined about mobile payments.

In this press conference, Apple launched the Apple card, Apple called it “a new kind of credit card developed by Apple but not by the bank”, in fact, it is still in cooperation with investment bank Goldman sachs, clearing house for mastercard, and this news has been spread in the country a month ago!

“It’s a no-fee credit card,” apple said. That is, Apple Card will not charge any fees, no late fees, no annual fee, no cross-border payment fees and so on. Of course, there are no late fees, but if you miss your payments, the interest will certainly still be there.

Most of the information in Apple Card is visual. For example, you can track the expenditure of various goods, summarize your consumption trends and habits, and make consumption adjustments according to the analysis results.

Apple Card can be registered and used directly on the iPhone, and the review time is even just a few minutes. It does not need to bind to the physical Card, and it is highly integrated with Apple Pay.

At the press conference, Apple announced that Apple pay had supported the cities of London, Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to brush transport cards.