Can Portugal pay with Alipay?– Alipay “landing” in Portugal, both in shopping malls and airports

On the evening of November 29 Beijing time, Alipay’s official Weibo sent a string of foreign languages and drawings:

Chinese netizen: what meaning, did not understand completely?

Alipay: oh, can Portugal use alipay? Portugal can pay treasure!

Alipay officials announced that Portugal can use Alipay.

Now, Alipay can be used on many occasions, including Worten, the largest digital electronics chain in Portugal, Alma, a two-michelin-star restaurant and Ach.Brito, a century-old soap brand, More businesses will join in the future.
In addition, a number of international airports can also use Alipay tax rebates, including Portugal’s Risbenpottai airport.

In 2017, Alipay were actively used in six European countries, and the goal in 2018 are to expand to more than the European Co. Untries.

Alipay is building a platform for Chinese consumers to travel seamlessly around the world, from booking flights to transportation, shopping and eating and entertaining on the way.

Ant Financial Services Group, the parent company of Alipay, confirmed yesterday afternoon that the number of Alipay users worldwide has exceeded 900 million, including those using Alipay’s services among overseas local wallet partners.

Nowadays, Alipay has become an electronic payment tool used by many people in daily life in China. At present, more than 40 million traditional merchants in China have used Alipay payment service, and Alipay has covered 40 countries and regions in the world.

Data showed that 257,000 people visited Portugal in 2017, spending an average of 642 euros a day, making it the largest group of overseas tourists. In order to better serve Chinese tourists, Portuguese commercial Banks have cooperated with Alipay, so that Chinese tourists can enjoy quick and convenient payment services in Portugal.