China Unionpay international has entered into a new partnership with Worldline, Europe’s largest receiver

Previously, Europe’s largest billing agency, Worldline, in Germany, Austria and more than 10 European countries owned by commercial merchants began to accept Chinese Unionpay card customer transactions.

China Unionpay International recently announced further deepening cooperation with the Agency, during the year to achieve the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and other countries 46,000 merchants to support Unionpay card, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the overall acceptance coverage of the three countries will reach 90%.

At present, more than 90% of Europe’s countries and regions accept Unionpay cards, the overall acceptance coverage of 65%, Rome, Madrid, Lucerne and other popular tourist destinations have been built barrier-free reception cities.

Through this cooperation, Belgium’s China Unionpay card acceptance coverage will increase significantly from 50% to 90%, the Netherlands Super 80% Merchants Support Unionpay card, Luxembourg will achieve full coverage of Unionpay card processing.

The use of China UnionPay card in the three countries will further expand into the circle, duty-free shops to supermarkets, public transport areas. At the same time, the new acceptance of POS terminal will also support UnionPay flash payment function, “Cloud flash pay” users can directly “wave” mobile phone flash payment.

China Unionpay is continuously accelerating cooperation with local mainstream institutions in Europe to improve the reception network, focusing on strengthening the acceptance and construction of free travel related merchants and enhancing the payment experience for visitors to Europe, the head of the Chinese Unionpay said.

In order to conform to the current trend of digital transformation of payment industry in Europe, the localization process of European Unionpay business is promoted.

China Unionpay will next work with Worldline on innovative forms of cooperation to strengthen cooperation in areas such as mobile payment products and financial infrastructure systems.

Worldline hopes to further strengthen product technical cooperation with China Unionpay in the future, set up a technology alliance, and jointly launch payment products and services suitable for local merchants and consumers.

Worldline said the China Unionpay card is the preferred payment method for Asia-Pacific tourists, and the partnership has enhanced the ability of local merchants to serve the Asia-Pacific customer base.

With the improvement of the card environment in Europe, Unionpay international will accelerate the localization of its business and expand its service scope to local residents.

Portugal has issued a variety of Unionpay CARDS, including debit CARDS, credit CARDS and high-end CARDS.After Italy’s participation in the “One Belt And One Road” initiative, China Unionpay is promoting card issuing cooperation with local institutions and supporting bilateral economic, trade and personnel exchanges.