Google Play Store will be connected to India UPI Google localization Payment Tez changed to pay

Core tip: Google has been consolidating Asia’s payment services to avoid confusion, a person familiar with the situation said, and Google is likely to use a uniform name globally.

Google will rename Tez Pay and integrate it into Google Pay’s global payment system after Google’s launch of India-based local payment Tez into India’s payment sector, according to people familiar with the matter.

Google is planning Google Play with India’s official UPI to reach a partnership. Experts say it will be a big event in this area.

A Google spokesman did not comment on the matter, replying only in an email that Google has been stressing that it will conduct payments on different platforms.

Google has been consolidating the payment services in Asia to avoid confusion, a person familiar with the situation said, and Google is likely to use a uniform name globally.

Regarding the possibility of linking UPI to Google Play as an app payment interface, another person familiar with the matter said Google Play would call UPI because it was the simplest way to integrate. Once UPI is selected as the payment interface, the application will pop up the payment request, and the user must open the application and authorize it.

Google will integrate Google Wallet and Android Pay into Google Pay in January 2018 to make it easier, simpler and more secure for users, Pali Bhat, Google Pay’s vice President of product operations, said in a blog post announcing the launch of Google Pay.
Google has started to add payment services for app purchases and in-app purchases plus Google pay tags, and currently app purchases and in-app purchases support credit card payments, debit card payments, online bank payments, and carrier withholding payments.

If Tez is integrated into Google Pay, UPI can also access the payment interface.

India has been one of the most downloaded markets for Google Play apps, mainly because of the dominance of Android smartphones in India and the decline in tariffs on India’s mobile internet.

  Tez is one of India’s 3 access UPI applications.
  Tez is vying for market share with Paytm and Phonepe.
  Tez has partnered with India’s four largest banks (the National Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and HDFC Bank) to make more than 50 million deals per month.
Unlike WhatsApp payments using Facebook’s UPI, Tez faces fewer regulatory hurdles.