Huawei Pay pilot smart card

Recently,Huawei Pay has started to test the function of smart work card on a pilot scale. By using a Huawei or honor mobile phone with the function of smart work card, access control device, mobile printing permission confirmation, mobile phone projection and other office scenes can be realized, which greatly improves the office efficiency. At present, the Intelligent work Card feature has been launched in Huawei Pilot, and the solution has been opened to developers, can be replicated to other enterprises, campuses, communities and other smart parks.

Access control gate permission confirmation, a mobile phone to achieve the work card function

Recently, the smart card pilot of Huawei Pay can be used to write the card information into the security chip of mobile phones. Only one mobile phone can be used to go through the park, which can not only unlock the access control, but also has a very convenient projection function. The mobile phone can project the mobile phone screen onto the TV screen as soon as it touches the NFC tag.

In addition to convenience, security will also be guaranteed. Smart card takes security chip as the carrier, and ensures reliable business source through signature technology. Not only that, the data written is also encrypted data, and the encrypted secret key is controlled by the third party, fully guaranteeing data security.

At present, the standard interface of this function has been opened and put on the official website of Huawei developers alliance. The smart park integrator can apply for relevant services to integrate Huawei Pay smart card business and bring efficient and agile office travel mode to employees in the park.