Japan Foodie launched the mobile aggregation payment “TakeMe Pay”

Japan Foodie is dedicated to providing restaurant bookings, prepaid and aggregated payment services in Japan for visitors from all over the world. TakeMe Pay will be officially launched on March 5, 2019, enabling a variety of global mobile payment brands to receive and Pay via a qr code, according to the founder and CEO of Japan Foodie.

In China, by scanning QR code payments via smartphones, it has been infiltrated across the market by Alipay (AliPay) and WeChat pay, with nearly 90% of smartphone users completing payments by scanning QR codes. China is the global leader in mobile payment technology. Asian countries are also witnessing the emergence of mobile payment wave in China. Many mobile payment brands are born and rise in this wave.

In Japan, many large companies are also entering the Japanese mobile payment market, such as softbank PayPay, rakuten Pay, LINE Pay and so on. At present, the Japanese mobile payment market is entering the era of fragmentation, and more mobile payment brands and applications are expected to emerge in the future.

After the launch of many mobile payment services, merchants have to sign contracts with mobile payment brands one by one, import payment equipment one by one, adjust work process, conduct education and training and learn background management, and confirm and manage the statements of various payment providers, which will increase the cost of merchants’ application of mobile payment.

In order to promote the popularity of Japanese food Wallet outside the dining field, Japan Foodie decided to launch a new brand “TakeMe Pay” for all industries that visitors to Japan need to Pay for, such as: transportation, accommodation, shopping, travel, etc.

“takeme pay” is a mobile aggregation payment gateway that brings together China’s mobile payment brands (Alipay, WeChat payment, UnionPay cloud flash payment, etc.) and the International Mobile payment brand (Visa, MasterCard, Apple pay, Google pay, etc.) within Takeme.

“TakeMe Pay” supports all apps that join mobile payment brands, as well as the direct scanning of qr code scanning App configured in smart phones, which removes the limitation that consumers need to use exclusive App to scan codes, and truly realizes the openness and liberalization of mobile payment experience.