Japan for the first time to open “cloud flash pay” scanning code payment

Recently, China Unionpay international announced that “cloud flash payment” code scanning payment service landed in Japan for the first time. Within this year, Japan will expand to tens of thousands of merchants who support the “cloud Flash pay” code scanning payment.

China is Japan’s biggest source of inbound tourists in 2018, according to the Japan tourism agency.

As the number of “cloud flash pay” users in mainland China and Hong Kong accumulates by more than 150 million people, support for “cloud flash pay” has become a new way for local businesses to welcome Chinese tourists. Now in Japan Tesco, Pine House Department store Ginza store, Haneda Airport some merchants, Kansai near rail department store and other well-known merchants have supported the “cloud Flash pay” sweep code payment. “Cloud flash pay” users can also open Unionpay mobile phone flash pay, in the Kansai airport and some businesses in the tokyu square ginza store “wave” to pay.

CAI jianbo, CEO of China Unionpay international, said that in recent years, China Unionpay international has been constantly improving its business layout in Japan and improving its service capacity for Japanese tourists.

At present, Japan’s UnionPay card overall acceptance coverage is close to 60%, including Tokyo, Osaka UnionPay card acceptance coverage of nearly 90%, Hokkaido, Kyoto, Shenlaichuan, Yokohama, Kumamoto and other emerging tourist cities popular attractions, hotels, shopping merchants also widely support UnionPay card.

Unionpay cardholders will also be able to withdraw cash from nearly 70,000 atms in the region. In addition, 35,000 Japanese merchants have launched unionpay card exclusive promotions since last year. With the improved experience of using China Unionpay CARDS, the daily transaction volume of China Unionpay CARDS will increase by nearly 10% in 2018.