New York Metro pilot New induction card system OMNY next week to test Google pay

For New Yorkers who use the Google pay app, it will be easier to make some of the MTA public transport in the future. Google announced May 23 that it will test the new Metro Induction Card System “OMNY” payment pilot on May 31 at several metro stations and buses on Staten Island.

MTA Future Swipe system OMNY is the abbreviation for “one Metro new York”, where passengers can use their phones ‘ e-wallets, MTA mobile apps, bank cards and OMNY induction card sensing to identify payments.

The MTA said it would open electronic ticketing to all payment applications from tech companies, including iphones or Samsung smartphones. Apple inc. announced last month that iPhone and iWatch users would soon be able to use electronic payments in New York City.

Starting Friday, Google Pay users will be able to use the app on all staten island buses and subway lines 4, 5 and 6 between Grand Central and the Atlantic ave-barclays Center, the New York post reported.

The MTA will activate a “pay per ride” feature on smartphones, allowing passengers to pay without deliberately opening an App. The rate will be the same as the MetroCard for a single ride.

Google has also unveiled the MTA’s real-time assistant to help users understand the next train to the station schedule.

Nevertheless, the MTA assured passengers that the traditional option of cash payments would be retained even if the OMNY physical card went online in February 2021 and fully replaced the old Metro Card (MetroCard) by 2023.