Russian e-commerce has been connected to WeChat online payment function to enable online order payment

Russian payment company Yandex has introduced WeChat payment to a variety of online services related to Chinese customers, including train tickets, air tickets, museum tickets, food delivery and taxi reservations, the Russian satellite news agency reported.

Russian online stores and other online service providers will be able to access wechat’s online payment function to pay online orders thanks to Yandex’s efforts, the company said.

As evidenced by Yandex Pay’s introduction of WeChat Pay to a variety of online services related to Chinese customers, including daily services such as train tickets, air tickets, museum tickets, takeaways and taxi bookings.

According to the company, Yandex will only charge merchants for the service. However, buyers cannot pay more than 646,000 roubles at a time, the cumulative amount of one day cannot exceed 1.3 million rubles.

In fact, by the end of 2018, Yandex had been connected to WeChat’s payment function, realized its collection business, and was widely used in airport duty-free shops across Russia.

Yandex says the main reason it’s promoting the service is that Russia hosts nearly 1.5 million Chinese tourists a year, and the introduction of WeChat payments could help boost Chinese tourists’ spending and bring more economic benefits to the company.

“Prior to that, Yandex Pay focused on Chinese companies aimed at Russian buyers, and now the opening of new payment methods offers Russian companies a wide range of opportunities to establish cooperation with Chinese buyers,” said Ilya Sokolov, Yandex’s asia business development minister.

Yandex Pay is Russia’s largest electronic payment service provider, providing a common payment solution for online stores, supporting online payments through bank cards, e-wallets, mobile banking and online banking, as well as russian mobile phone bill balance payments and cash payments at more than 170,000 cash receiving points in Russia. More than 75,000 Internet online stores use the company’s payment system.