Russian high-end department store Central Department Store began to embrace WeChat payment

According to the Russian satellite news agency reported on July 4, a few days ago, the central department store located near the Bolshoi Theatre became the first retail store in Russia to accept WeChat payment.

Founded in 1907, Moscow central department store is the first department store in Russian history. It is now the first department store in eastern Europe and the third largest luxury department store in Europe.

The information office of the central department store said the service was designed to meet the needs of Chinese tourists visiting Russia. “Customers are satisfied that they can use shopping, the payment method they are familiar with, which is more comfortable and convenient for them,” said the director of the central department store information office.

The central department store attributed this to the mall’s use of Chinese-language guide signs, hiring Chinese shopping guides for Chinese customers, providing Chinese customers with loyalty cards, accepting UnionPay Alipay and other Chinese people’s common payment methods.

In addition, Russia’s shopping tax rebate has also attracted some Chinese tourists to travel to shopping.

In fact, no matter which country or shopping mall, only the corresponding service measures are done well, there is no customer.

The Central Department Store also told reporters that DLT Department Store, a subsidiary of the Russian luxury goods sales company Mercury Group and located in St. Petersburg, will also begin to accept WeChat payment.

At present, among the foreign customers received by Central Department Store and DLT Department Store, Chinese customers account for 12% and 20% respectively, while among foreign customers who have received tax refunds, the proportion of Chinese people is as high as 50% and 80%.

For Chinese customers who buy their favorite items in Russian shopping, Central Department Stores said that Chinese tourists are generally more interested in the clothing, shoes, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics of the world’s top luxury brands.

According to the Russian satellite online monthly report, Yandex payment spokesperson of Russia’s largest technology company said that Yandex payment is negotiating with WeChat to start scanning QR code payment shopping. WeChat may become the first such partner paid by Yandex. .

Yandex said that this new payment method is suitable for Russian merchants who often deal with foreign customers or who are intensively dealing with foreign customers during large-scale events such as the World Cup. “In the foreign tourists who come to Russia, scan the QR code. The way to pay is very popular.”

Before WeChat, alipay had also entered a large Russian shopping mall.

According to the Russian “News” reported in December last year, at the end of 2017 or early 2018, Russia’s first food chain stores, Lenta and Dixy, will open Alipay system. The two are the largest retail chains in Russia ranked third and fourth respectively.

According to local retailers, the alipay system will help increase store sales when it opens because of the influx of Chinese tourists.