Tesco, Britain’s biggest retailer, has opened its first cashless store in London

Tesco, Britain’s biggest retailer, has opened its first cashless store in London, joining a growing wave of cashless revolution, according to the news of the joint newspaper on March 1,.

Tesco is understood to be opening the store for a long time rather than a flash shop, and Tesco’s target audience is those who are in a hurry.
Tesco’s cashless store allows customers to choose a variety of electronic payment options through self-service counters, but does not charge for notes or COINS.
Tesco’s first cashless store payment method includes inductive debit CARDS, charge CARDS and credit CARDS, as well as Apple Pay and Tesco’s electronic payments service, Pay+.

Cashless Tesco Market opens on the fringes of central London. Judging by wednesday’s lunchtime peak, consumers seem to agree with the store.

The store, Tesco’s second cashless outlet, has 14 cash registers, two of which have staff to help sell alcohol and cigarettes. The first Tesco cashless market is open at its headquarters in Welling Gardens, Hartford, England.

No one’s shop may soon arrive in the UK. There is speculation that Amazon is also planning to open a Go store in the UK. Amazon’s first Amazon Go store, which opened in Seattle in January 2018, USES cameras and sensors to track each shopper’s purchases, allowing them to deduct money directly from a self-archived debit card when they leave the store. In addition, several UK supermarkets, including Waitros, have launched or are testing apps that allow shoppers to pay on their phones.

At this point, the editor has to say that the development of cashless payment in the UK is still far behind that in China.

Sainsbury’s, the UK’s second largest retailer, last year opened the UK’s first unmanned store near tesco’s cashless stores, allowing customers to pay by smartphone without going through a checkout, but abandoned the experiment. The company says results have not been as good as expected and that not all customers are ready for empty stores.

Tesco has previously installed more than 15 Money Machine self-service coin counters in its UK supermarkets and subway stores to provide customers with fast, efficient self-service coin counts.

Payments UK says cash will be replaced by debit CARDS and contactless smart CARDS by 2021.