The number of devices in the U.S. that can access apple pay will increase to 175 million by the end of this year

On April 16th IHS Markit said that by the end of 2019 the number of devices in America that could be connected to apple pay would rise to 175m, according to IHS Markit.

Photo credit:picjumbo*com

Earlier on March 26, Apple announced a partnership with Goldman sachs and mastercard to launch a credit Card business, Apple Card, for U.S. customers this summer.

It is reported that consumers can apply for this credit card through the  “wallet ” app on the iPhone.

Apple Card enables users to spend around the world and generates Consumer records, consumer classification reports, and more on their phones for users to view. After the monthly billing is generated, the user is also automatically informed of the best repayment cycle.

In early April, HSBC analysts said in a report that Apple Card could be an important player in the U.S. credit card market. In the fifth year of Apple Card, the open balance could be more than $50 billion, enough to make the card one of the top ten credit card providers in the United States.