U.S. expert: Syria has become the site of a confrontation between the United States and Russia.

laptop-1246672_960_720The web comprehensive coverage 】 18 Russian satellite news agency reported that the United States, a political science professor at hamline university David Schultz (David Schultz) to the satellite news agency said a few days ago, the White House support for Russia to take a tough stance in one party wins, recent u.s.-russian relations will be even more nervous.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations has said the United States will take new sanctions against Russia over differences over the situation in Syria. Mr Trump said there would be no immediate sanctions but was studying the possibility.

Mr Schultz said that despite Mr Trump’s decision to postpone sanctions on Russia, the us as a whole took a hard line on Russia. “There are people in the White House, such as the national security adviser, bolton, who have been pushing for a tough stance on Russia,” he said.

“So it appears that supporters of a tough stance against Russia have won, and missile strikes against Syria are one of the examples,” he said. Syria has become the site of indirect warfare between the United States and Russia, as in the third country during the cold war.