World Bank President Jim Yong Kim dialogue Jack Ma—-Talking about Alipay original intention

October 12 at the IMF and World Bank annual meeting, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and Alibaba board chairman Jack Ma launched a “digital platform and innovation How to change the future of developing countries” dialogue, Jack Ma again talk about about Alipay original intention, is to use the Internet to help small micro-enterprise development, for businessmen and consumers to bring good experience and value.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and Alibaba’s board chairman Jack Ma on “digital platform and innovation How to change the future of developing countries” dialogue

During the dialogue, world bank President Jim Yong Kim guest reporter asked ma seven questions in a row. One of them was: “can the Alibaba model provide financing and other services to southeast Asian and African countries immediately?”

“The Internet was invented for developing countries, and 19 years ago, when Alibaba was founded, China had neither the Internet nor the infrastructure of the payment system or the developed logistics,” Ma said. And Alibaba wants to do is to help small enterprises to enter the market, we also want to use the Internet to help small businesses get money, this is Alipay. Alipay’s original intention is to use the Internet to help the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, businesses and consumers to bring good experience and value. How to help SMEs get fast logistics? Later, Alibaba also did the logistics. In general, we use the Internet to help SMEs and young people and women to start businesses. ”

“19 years ago, we can say nothing we have, resources, money, technology, relationships are not.” If I say that Jack Ma can succeed, then 70% of the world’s people can succeed, ” Jack Ma said, so we have to have a vision goal.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim: Talk about your experience in Africa?

Jack Ma: I went to Africa for the first time last year, and I was surprised to find that people in Africa were young and fearless. Now the world is anxious, but the young Africans are very energetic, they are pure and want to change. Africa’s Internet infrastructure is poor, but the potential is enormous, and governments want to change, and young people want to change. We would like to invite 1000 entrepreneurs to study in HangZhou. This is important for the rest of my life, more important than being chairman of Alibaba.

World Bank President Kim Min Jong asked: What is necessary for an underdeveloped region like Africa?

Jack Ma replied: There are 3 things.

The first thing is to have the Internet.

20 years ago without electricity, there was no hope, and now, without the internet, there would be no hope, because young people would not be exposed to information.

Second:there must be entrepreneurial spirit.

The Internet is inclusive and is geared towards developing countries. After the invention of electricity, it took 60 years before electricity arrived in Africa. Now, in two or three years, mobile phones are all over the world.

Third: education.

Credit cards are designed for the rich, while Internet and mobile payments are more popular. “Now, more than 700 million Chinese and 300 million Indians are using mobile payments. We must have confidence.”

In the past few years, Jack Ma has traveled to many countries, mainly developing countries. He spoke of his own feelings: “ Europe often said that to regulate, people would have a lot of worry, the United States also has its own system, which can be defined which can not be done, but the developing countries like change, but also need change. I’ve been to Africa and people say [Africa] can’t do what China did, but I say that’s what China said 19 years ago. If we don’t aim for 10 years, we’ll be surpassed.” So wherever he goes, ma advises the government to do three things well: the Internet, entrepreneurship and education.