Costco starts accepting Apple pay―― embrace contactless payments

Costco has a very high position in the whole retail circle. Its sales volume is the Top5 among global retailers, and it has realized rapid growth and bucked the trend of opening stores in the era of the rise of e-commerce.

With the launch of online shopping and distribution services, Costco has consolidated its market position and is ready to compete with Amazon and other grocery retailers.

Apple Pay continues to gain momentum in mobile payment competition, and Costco recently began accepting Apple Pay to let U.S. customers Pay through the tech giant’s smartphone app.

Costco is the latest major partner for Apple Pay.

Costco has recently supported contactless payment equipment for EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) chip cards in 750 retail stores, and has begun to accept Apple Pay, Goolge Pay and Samsung Pay, Want to use this to win more millennials consumers to shop home.

A few years ago Costco only accepted members using American express, credit CARDS or cash shopping, according to Retail Dive and MacRumors.

Now, Costco may use mobile contactless and mobile payments as a tool to further expand its customer payment options. Costco has been testing Apple Pay in a handful of stores before, and plans to offer contactless payments at its petrol stations.

Costco members can now use Apple Pay, Google pay, and Samsung pay at Costco outlets across the United States. The move is expected to lead Costco to the Sam’s Club, its main rival, Wal-Mart (Wal-mart), which has yet to offer Apple Pay as a payment option and allows younger consumers to become Costco members.

Costco’s core customers are typically older, often people with homes and homes, according to Forrester analysts. Costco’s current mission is to change customers’ shopping experience to attract a new generation of shoppers who are accustomed to amazon shopping.

Costco’s rivals include boxed and other startups. These companies are selling wholesale products online, known as millennials ‘ Costco.

The Costco competitor, BJ’s Wholesale Club, began accepting Apple Pay in 2015 and allows members to have electronic CARDS that can be stored in the iPhone Apple Wallet.