French establishment of specialized institutions to strengthen artificial intelligence research

With the further maturation of artificial intelligence technology and the growing investment of the French government and industry, the cloud of artificial intelligence applications is accelerating, and artificial intelligence is an important factor to improve the competitiveness of the French economy. In the future, artificial intelligence will constantly bring changes to work skills and living environment.

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According to media reports, the French Ministry of Higher Education, research and Innovation released a news bulletin 24th, within the framework of the national Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy, France formally set up 4 Artificial intelligence interdisciplinary Research Institute, as the flagship research in this field.

The announcement said that the French national Agency for Scientific Research (ANR) last year announced a call for research, training and innovation institutions to participate in the “Artificial Intelligence Interdisciplinary Research Institute” project candidates, with research centres in 4 places in Paris, Grenoble, Nice and Toulouse were selected.

After review and evaluation by the international jury, the 4 research centers were officially named “Artificial Intelligence Interdisciplinary Institute”, each with a different research profession and subject matter, covering health, environment, energy, transportation and other fields.

Frederick Vidal, France’s minister of Higher Education, research and innovation, said:”The global competition for high-end research and talent in the field of artificial intelligence is unprecedented, In this context, the establishment of an interdisciplinary research institute on Artificial intelligence is essential for the implementation of artificial intelligence development strategies in France. Looking forward to the interdisciplinary development of artificial intelligence in France can quickly form a joint effort in the world with other scientific research institutions to develop a broader cooperation.”

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According to the announcement, the 4 Institute has a naming period of 4 years. They will receive a total of 225 million Euros in financial support from Governments, public and private partners, and so on. The jury will evaluate the project in 2 years ‘ time, when investment funds are likely to be adjusted.

With the development ambition of artificial intelligence in France, a large number of international information technology giants, such as Fuji group, Samsung group and Google, announced that they would set up an artificial intelligence research and development center in Paris. This is bound to bring a lot of jobs to France, while also highlighting France’s ace advantage in the fields of computer and mathematics.