CNBC reported:Chinese tourists have tripled the number of Alipay merchants in Europe

It has become commonplace for Chinese consumers to use Alipay for various consumption and payment activities in China.

Today, Alipay is no longer satisfied with serving customers in China, it has to go out of the country in the footsteps of the Chinese, in other parts of the world to bring convenient services to users, while connecting Alipay services to many overseas businesses to bring more business opportunities.

Making it easier for Chinese tourists to travel abroad is alipay’s main goal in Europe, and its biggest push outside Asia.

The number of merchants accepting alipay has tripled in the past year as Chinese tourists flock to Europe, according to CNBC reported.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Roland Palmer, head of European operations at Alipay, said the number of European businesses receiving Alipay had grown twice times to “tens of thousands of” in the past year.

Roland Palmer also said Alipay already had “about 1 billion” active users. At present, 55 countries in the world have accepted Alipay, of which Europe accounts for 29.

China is one of the fastest growing countries in digital payment services. A study last year by Ernst & young, an accounting firm, found that 83% of Chinese consumers pay or transfer money by mobile phone.

Roland Palmer also said that while Chinese tourists continue to pour into Europe, there is a huge opportunity for European businesses, especially luxury brand stores.

Part of the article source: CNBC