Alipay partners cross-border transfers with African bank Ecobank

Ecobank has signed a cross-border remittance agreement with alipay to bring more inclusive financial services to users across west Africa.

Along with local e-wallet partners, Alipay serves more than 1.2 billion people worldwide, reducing transaction costs and improving the quality of service.

“Ecobank’s pan-African cross-border transfer solution Rapidtransfer is providing transparent, accessible and affordable services to African nationals and their African families for many years. By working with Alipay, Ecobank is expanding our unified payment ecosystem on the global stage.” according to Ecobank.

Meanwhile, Alipay said: “Alipay is happy to work with Ecobank. We are committed to working with partners such as Ecobank to use Alipay’s technology and innovative technologies to give consumers around the world access to inclusive financial services, allowing fast, affordable and convenient transfer services are being provided to more users around the world. At the same time, it creates greater value for the society and brings equal opportunities to the world. “