2018 China Artificial Intelligence industry scale growth 56% 5G commercial will boost the industry intelligent

According to the 《21st century Economic report》of the Chinese media, the scale of China’s new-generation information technology industry exceeded 23 trillion yuan in 2018, up by 12% year-on-year, and some emerging technology sectors have already entered the first tier in the world.

The size of China’s artificial intelligence industry is expected to reach 33.9 billion yuan(RMB), Up 56% from a year earlier, well above the global 17% growth level.

In the 2018, known as the beginning of the artificial intelligence outbreak, the commercial value of artificial intelligence technology applications has gradually become apparent. Artificial intelligence has gradually entered into all aspects of social life, bringing about a substantial improvement in production efficiency and quality of life.

As the era of artificial intelligence dividend begins, capital, giants and startup companies flood in, bringing artificial intelligence to the forefront of the information industry revolution.

In the 2017, Google adjusted its future development strategy from “MobileFirst” to “AIFirst” and launched a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform. Intel promotes AI applications in autonomous driving, healthcare and other fields; IBM uses AI to treat cancer and using AI to argue with humans, and Amazon is working to develop cloud-based artificial intelligence services and make it easier for developers. Relying on social networks, Facebook has developed a variety of applications, including deep learning frameworks, face recognition technology, and artificial intelligence housekeepers.Huawei launches AI strategy at 2018 all-connected conference.

It is not hard to see from the actions of these leading intelligent terminal enterprises rushing to transform to AI that artificial intelligence will be the next hot spot in the intelligent terminal industry.

With the artificial intelligence industry supporting the maturation, gradually towards the commercial 5G network, will be artificial intelligence this “cloud brain” to build an “information superhighway”, for the huge amount of data and information transmission to provide a high-speed transmission channel, to promote the entire machine intelligent process.

Smart terminal is a ‘test case’ for new technology

At present, smartphones are the most widely used and subdivided fields in artificial intelligence image recognition, speech recognition, Iris and other biometric recognition technologies.

Due to the large scale of users, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, biometrics and flexible display have been used on a large scale in smart phones and other smart terminals. All kinds of enterprises have also taken artificial intelligence as a strategic focus, the overall layout of artificial intelligence ecological rush.

Artificial Intelligence home, intelligent residential industry is extremely complex, product coverage is wide, involving real estate enterprises, traditional home appliance enterprises, intelligent hardware enterprises, Internet enterprises and other parties, the application of the scene is ever-changing.

According to Gartner’s statistics, the global mobile terminal consumption market in 2018 is more than $410 billion, much higher than the $210 billion of PC and tablet, and $75 billion of server. It is the largest market among the information and communication terminal devices.

By 2025, the number of devices and things connected worldwide will reach 100 billion, 5G internet-connected vehicles will exceed 60 million, and the market space for internet-connected vehicles will reach 145 billion us dollars.

At that time, the world has 4 billion livestock, 20 million containers, 300 million LED street lights, 1.8 billion water meters and so on will be put on the “digital label”, the road vehicles, factory equipment in the products, freight containers, aircraft engines, indoor or outdoor environmental monitoring equipment … Will be joined to the network.

Perception, connectivity and intelligence will reshape the business world.