2018 Kazakhstan E-commerce market grew 1.5 times times in size

Kazakhstan’s state economy minister, Dalenov, previously said at a regular government working session that the 2018 Kazakhstan e-commerce market was 269 billion tenge in size.

According to statistics, the size of the e-commerce market in Kazakhstan increased 1.5 times times in 2018 to 269 billion tenge, with a share of 2.9% in the national economy, Dalenov noted.

According to Dalenov, the number of people shopping in Kazakhstan by means of electronic commerce is also increasing significantly, and so far more than 2.3 million active users have grown by nearly a double.

Dalenov said that at present, Kazakhstan has more than 20 e-commerce platform, for more than 1 million small and medium-sized enterprises to provide product sales services. In addition, there are more than 1700 independent shops engaged in e-commerce, of which about one-third (509) receive state tax relief support.

In terms of the market structure of e-commerce, goods trade accounts for 68 percent of the total e-commerce market in kazakhstan and the service sector accounts for 32 percent, Dalenov said. Among them, building materials, household appliances, cosmetics and clothing are the most in demand. In the service sector, the highest demand is for air tickets, train tickets, art performances and so on.

In February this year, the Minister of Information and Communication of Kazakhstan, Abayev, introduced at a working meeting of the Government that it was very concerned about the development of electronic commerce and had made attempts in related fields.

In order to promote the development of e-commerce, the government of kazakhstan has formulated preferential tax policies for e-commerce practitioners, which are guaranteed by law. In addition, by improving the postal service, greatly improve the speed of logistics, to facilitate the development of e-commerce.