43% of Apple users worldwide activated Apple Pay, the report said

According to media February 21 News reported that the United States venture capital company Loup Ventures released a report that the world has nearly 1 billion iphone users, including 43% of iphone users activated Apple Pay.
Apple Pay

That means consumers are getting used to apple’s mobile payment service and reflects the rapid deployment of payment systems that can accept it.

The report said the number was up 135% from a year earlier, with personal transfer payments to individuals helping to increase the use of Apple Pay.

There are many other data in the report that deserve careful study, for example, 12% of Apple Pay users in the United States and 88% of users are international users; ; Apple Pay was used by 24 percent of iPhone users in the United States and 47% of iPhone users overseas. By the end of 2018, Apple Pay mobile payments had been launched in 27 countries.