A small town in New Zealand becomes a “cashless society”

The only ATM in Mulupala, a small town on New Zealand’s north island, was dug out of the wall and stolen, New Zealand’s skykiwi website reported.

Photo credit:unplash

After the incident, the town’s only bank announced that it would stop its cash business and residents would not be able to withdraw cash, leading to a “cash shortage” in the area, making it the only “cashless town” in New Zealand.

Last week, thieves reportedly drove machinery that loaded logs and stole the ATMs from the walls of a local credit union. Although police recovered a complete ATM at a location eight kilometers from the scene, residents are enduring a life without cash as Banks stop processing cash.

With no functioning local bank, cash flows have stalled. Older people, accustomed to cash and unfamiliar with electronic payments, are in a particularly tough spot.

It is reported that many residents now have to drive 45 minutes to the bank in lintown, which causes inconvenience to many elderly people.

However, not everyone is willing and able to go this far. Compared with young people, some old people have to cash in local shops. “Sometimes it’s not going to be for people to pay electronically, so we can’t help people who need cash and have to shut them out, ” says Teddy, a resident of the island. “

On the evening of the 10th, local communities and credit unions met to discuss a solution. Residents want the Banks to stay open,if banks close and create new job losses, the town will lose an industry.

The New Zealand Credit Union said in a statement that this was not the first time a local bank had been patronised by thieves, stopped handling cash and was also protecting the safety of bank employees. At the same time, the bank said it was not sure when it would offer cash in the future.

On the 11th, local residents came up with a new way, that is, the installation of an ATM machine in the police station, so that the safety of ATM machines, residents can go to the police station to withdraw money.