Alipay ” face scan payment ” landed at Hong Kong airport

With the rapid development of Internet technology, we will soon say goodbye to QR code mobile payment, more convenient face scan payment began to spread.

In the 2015, Jack Ma showed the world his face scan payment technology for the first time at the electronic consumer show in Germany. In just three years, at present in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou and other Chinese cities, many chain convenience stores, unmanned shops, shopping malls have been connected to Alipay face payment function, and even a number of hotels, restaurants have begun to use brush face payment,

Now that mainland Chinese people go to Hong Kong, they can also “swipe their faces” to shop. On April 2, alibaba’s ant financial announced that dragonfly, a alipay face-scanning device, would be the first to be used at Duty Zero duty-free shop at Hong Kong airport, and mainland tourists would be able to “pay by face-scanning”.


Xinhua news agency photo, Hong Kong, April 2, 2019

This is the first time that Alipay’s self-developed “face scan ” payment has appeared in Hong Kong. Previously, Alipay’s “face brushing” payment has covered more than 300 cities in the mainland.

The dragonfly, which is about the size of an iPad, is mounted on a cash register. When paying, customers point their faces at the camera and input their mobile phone number to confirm the payment.

According to the cashier at Duty Zero duty-free shop, customers used to take out their mobile phones, open the App and click the QR code when making payment with their mobile phones. Now “face brushing” payment only need to input mobile phone number and face recognition,three steps become two steps, the whole payment process from about 30 seconds down to a dozen seconds, saving half of the cashier time.

Alipay users only need to be in Alipay’s settings-payment settings-bio-payment, open the Alipay face payment function, complete the biological face detection, later can use Alipay’s brush face to pay.

Many Hong Kong people also praised the face payment: “This brush face payment method is very novel and very convenient, I hope to promote a lot.” ”

Lu Jieyi, general manager of the retail experience of the Hong Kong Airport Authority, said the airport had been working to build smart airports and use different innovative technologies to optimize the passenger experience.

Last year, China’s “11” Golden Week, “the first outside of the country without wallets” list, Hong Kong International Airport in the “World’s top ten mobile payment airports” ranked first, popular merchants 90% access to Alipay.

Li yongshi, general manager of Alipay in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, said that Alipay has always been committed to making Hong Kong a convenient and smart city. Now, mainland tourists can pay by swiping the code when they come to Hong Kong by bus or eat at shopping. In the future, there will be more scenes in Hong Kong that can be paid by swiping the face.

It is expected that in the next three to five years, facial payment will be popularized in China, and it will officially replace QR code payment. It seems that our faces are becoming more and more valuable.