Alipay in Korea push “paperless” tax refund anytime, anywhere to be credited

As payment institutions and overseas tax refund companies continue to cooperate, the “tax refund difficulty”, once a major pain point for Chinese tourists traveling abroad, has been gradually alleviated.

In some countries, Chinese tourists now need only a qr code on the scan mobile payment app to receive a refund immediately. However, filling in the foreign language tax refund form and queuing up at the airport tax refund counter a few hours in advance are still a problem for many outbound tourists.

Recently, Alipay revealed that it has started a new tax rebate service in South Korea-“paperless” mobile phone rebate.

Chinese tourists simply have to open the Alipay application to enter the mobile phone tax refund page, scan Passport information, and then scan the tax refund on the bar code on the tax refund can be processed, anytime, anywhere, do not need to fill out the tax refund, do not need to go to the city or the airport counter queue.

 It is understood that in the early 2017, Alipay launched the world’s first airport scan code instant drawback solution, users only need to scan the airport tax refund counter QR code, you can immediately receive renminbi tax refund, this service has now expanded to more than 80 airports worldwide.

The new solution, introduced in South Korea, further simplifies the tax rebate process, freeing Chinese tourists from the tedious processes of filling out tax rebates and queuing up to tax rebates.

Before leaving South Korea, tourists only need to scan their passports at the airport customs self-service departure confirmation machine to complete the departure confirmation. The documents within 90 days of shopping in South Korea can be scanned inside the alipay app for tax refund, and the tax refund can be received in less than one minute.

Currently, the service supports about 10,000 South Korean businesses covered by the tax rebate company, global taxes free.

  Miss Zhou, a frequent visitor to South Korea, experienced the new service in early August: “A walk in Myeongdong can save 5, 6 tax rebate, now rest with Alipay sweep can retreat, no longer have to take a pile of tax refund single repeatedly run tax rebate points, do not worry about losing a list.” ”

“Since 2013, Alipay has been exploring how to simplify the tax rebate process for Chinese tourists to improve their travel experience abroad. “said Danny Chung, general manager of Alipay Korea.

As for the launch of the “paperless” tax refund service, alipay said that South Korea is the largest market for Chinese tourists’ overseas tax refund volume at present, and the “paperless” tax refund service is favored by Chinese tourists as soon as it is launched. About 30% of users of the new service have chosen to use it in busan, jeju and other places. In the future, the service will be extended to destinations such as Europe and southeast Asia.

 South Korea is currently the world’s most convenient destination for tourist tax rebate services, the launch of the service will greatly simplify the city and the airport for tourists to tax refund time and effort. At present, there are about 10,000 merchants in South Korea who support GTF Tax rebate service, and future Alipay and GTF plans to extend the service to more merchants and countries.

At the same time, the media that the Alipay “paperless” tax rebate service will help attract more Chinese tourists.