Alipay, one of China’s mobile payment service providers, enters the German retail market

Alipay, one of China’s mobile payment service providers, enters the German retail market

Germany’s large-scale chain retailer Broyinger has announced that its 11 department stores in Quande have fully introduced China Mobile’s payment methods, Alipay and WeChat. In Germany, for example, there are already around 2,000 physical stores and Alipay connected, which means that when traveling in Germany, you can easily trade through Alipay.

In Germany, there are many different small mobile payment providers currently supported by Sparkasse, Google or Samsung.

These small suppliers have their own cooperation business, each business has its own set of payment standards and payment cooperation customers, which means that different apps have no way to seamlessly connect.

It is for this reason that the German mobile payment industry is developing slowly, and the acceptance of mobile payment by German nationals is still significantly lower. When German locals go to the supermarket to make purchases, almost no one uses mobile phones to pay.

In Germany, connections between devices are poor. The only thing worth mentioning is Paypal, but Paypal is generally limited to online payment and is not suitable for mobile payment.

In contrast, Germany is still a country that prefers cash payments, and mobile payments are not yet popular in German life. According to a survey released by the market research institute Ipsos Group, 90% of German respondents said that they are “almost always” or “frequently” carrying cash, far exceeding the 79% of other European countries. In addition, 84% of German respondents said they could not imagine living without cash. However, this situation is slowly changing.

This time, Alipay entered the German payment market. I don’t know what changes will happen to this slow industry state.