Alipay: Some Apple mobile phone user IDs were detected stolen and financial losses occurred

October 10, There are media reports that many users of the Apple ID stolen, resulting in a bundle of Alipay account, WeChat account, such as encounter stolen Brush.

The main reason for the loss is that many users are due to set up password-free payment, but do not limit the frequency and amount of free payment, so Money loss.

As a result, Alipay said via its official Weibo account: recently, Alipay has detected the theft of some apple users’ ids, resulting in a loss of funds for the payment tool tied to the relevant ID. Alipay says it has contacted Apple many times and has pushed it to discover the cause of the theft, raise the level of security protection, and completely solve the problem of user’s loss of rights and Interests.

Alipay said to reporters that Android phones do not have this Problem. Apple’s response is now actively addressing the Issue.

Alipay says that the risk of loss of funds may arise regardless of the payment method (including alipay, WeChat payment or credit card) that your Apple ID binds to until Apple does not fully resolve the Issue. Under the premise of ensuring convenience, you can choose to lower the amount of the password-free payment of apple pay to maximize the security of Alipay accounts.

If the user finds that his Apple payment account is abnormal, he can send feedback through Apple’s official customer service phone:

U.S: 800-275-2273


Now that fingerprint payments are so convenient, website suggests that you can shut down password-free payments entirely.