Amazon began implementing the new rules in June

From June 1, Amazon American station sellers are required to pay sales tax

Starting June 1, 2019, Amazon will start charging some common seller fees, including referral fees, which are taxable and will be charged. It is also important to note that sellers located in Connecticut State, Columbia, Dist. Of, Hawaii State, South Dakota State or West Virginia State are taxed.

FBA service charge (based on Order Fulfillment center), label fee, multi-bag fee, foam packing fee, knitting fee, opaque bag fee, repackaging fee and so on are also taxable items. Sellers in Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois or West Virginia pay taxes.

With effect from June 5, some product commissions have been adjusted

According to Amazon rules, the commission for these products will change from June 5.

Some product commissions will be downgraded, for example, the percentage of commissions for groceries (excluding beer, wine and spirits), beauty, health and personal care, and baby products (excluding baby clothing) has been reduced from 15% to 8%, which applies to products with a total price of EUR 10/GBP 10 or less.

The commission on furniture products has been cut from 15% to 10%, which applies to those more than 200 Euros /175 pounds and does not include mattresses.

The commission ratio for jewellery products was reduced from 20% (UK 25%) to 5%, and the commission ratio of watches was reduced from 15% to 5%, which applies to the portion with a total price of more than 250 Euros/225 pounds.

And the Commission for these products will be raised. For example, for all products except groceries and media, the minimum Commission per piece is EUR 0.30/GBP 0.25, and the percentage of commissions for TVs, notebooks and computers at Amazon France will be increased from 5% to 7%.

Since June, Amazon has slashed monthly storage fees

Starting in June 2019, Amazon FBA sellers can increase sales and earn discounts of 50 to 75 percent on storage fees by keeping enough inventory.