Amazon Go unmanned store will arrive in the UK as soon as the end of this year

Amazon Go officially opened to the public in Seattle, USA this January.
Amazon Go has no cashier staff and does not use cash, allowing customers to buy items with the help of a smart phone app. Consumers can go directly into the unmanned shop, take the goods on the shelves and then leave, the whole process does not need to queue up, for users to bring great convenience.

Consumers need to use mobile phone App to scan the qr code and enter the store. The computer vision AI system will automatically track the goods they take, and then go out of the store directly after the purchase. The system will automatically check and settle accounts.

Now it looks like Amazon is ready to bring the Amazon Go unmanned supermarket to markets outside the United States, Amazon wants to acquire a “large number” of retail locations in the UK, the Sunday Times reported, used to open Amazon Go convenience stores in the local area.

Currently, Amazon has opened four Amazon Go unmanned stores in the United States, including two in Seattle, where the company is based, the company also plans to open new Amazon Go unmanned stores in New York.
The Amazon Go trademark was registered in the UK in 2016. This us giant already has seven grocery stores in the UK through its acquisition of Whole Foods Market last year.

The retail space Amazon is looking for is between 4,000 and 5,000 square feet, the area is approximately between Tesco Express and Tesco Metro,the former being 2000 square feet, the latter 10,000 square feet.
But Amazon Go unmanned stores do not need to install large cashier counters or self-checkout equipment, so the company’s stores may be able to accommodate more goods and higher SKUs than the same size of supermarkets.

It is not yet possible to judge whether such a storefront will be popular in UK. The UK’s supermarket industry is fiercely competitive: Established companies such as ASDA, Tesco and Morrisons have a majority share, and rivals such as Aldi and Lidl are also launching fierce competition. But Amazon has more advanced technology that can make Amazon go unmanned stores stand out from existing rivals.
It’s unclear when Amazon Go will officially launch in the UK, but analysts expect it to be as early as the end of the year.

Recently, Bloomberg news revealed that Amazon will add more than 3,000 Amazon Go in the next few years, which directly caused the stock price of retail enterprises like wal-mart to drop.

In our opinion, Amazon, Google these giant technology companies, the development of artificial intelligence in the direction of a bit biased, should not be in the direction of unmanned efforts.

Tech companies should be working on how to increase employment, Promote the coordinated development of human and artificial intelligence, Make artificial intelligence work for people, not artificial intelligence that keeps people unemployed for a long time.

Tips:Amazon unveiled plans for an unattended store in December 2016. Amazon Go uses the hybrid AI technology “JustWalkOut”, combined with computer vision technology, a variety of sensors, to bring a skip-the-line checkout of the barrier-free shopping experience.

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