Amazon has erroneously deleted the Apple Card number from its account due to a “technical error.”

According to media reports,A number of Amazon users discovered on Friday that their Apple Card Numbers had been removed from their Amazon accounts and could not be added again. Amazon said it did not intentionally remove Apple’s payment options and blamed the vulnerability for the problem.

An Amazon spokesman said Amazon had noticed that the Apple Card had been removed from its Amazon account, but that the incident was not an official act or intent and was caused by a technical issue.

At present, amazon background engineers have been trying to find the cause of this problem and strive to solve the problem as soon as possible. But Amazon has yet to give an exact date for the fix.

Apple Card is a credit Card service launched by Apple. Users can sign up for an iPhone and get a virtual credit Card in one minute. The Apple card is a standard credit card from Goldman Sachs that USES the mastercard payment network.

Although designed for contactless payments on iphones or online purchases through Apple Pay, the Apple Card is a master card with a credit card number that can be used like any other credit card. Amazon does not currently accept Apple Pay, Apple’s payment service, but Apple cardholders can use the card to pay for purchases on Amazon.

Last year, it was reported that the credit card network had designated apple as an “elite card”, meaning it would charge a higher transaction fee for each purchase. These fees are paid by merchants, who often feel they have no choice but to pay higher fees for the elite card.

It was not immediately clear what caused the technical glitch.