Apple adds two confirmation options to the APP Store subscription to prevent accidental debit charges

Quite a few users have encountered the situation of accidental subscription or even forced payment caused by App misguidance when subscribing in the App Store. Now, apple is adding extra steps to the subscription process in the App Store in case users accidentally pay.

According to media messages, to address the APP Store’s unexpected subscription, Apple added a step to the APP Store subscription process to pop up the Confirm Subscriptions window before finalizing the details.

Developer David Barnard first tweeted about the change yesterday afternoon. Starting last week, apple added another step to the subscription process. After authenticating with Touch ID or Face ID, the user is presented with a pop-up window asking for a subscription confirmation.

Unexpected subscriptions have always been an important issue, especially for iPhone users who use Touch IDS. Sometimes, when a user sees a subscription pop-up window, he or she presses the “home” button to exit the application. However, when they place their finger on the “home” button, Touch ID authenticates — signing the user up for a subscription.

Apple has taken some steps to address the issue of app subscriptions in iOS. Earlier this year, apple revised the app’s subscription documentation to say that developers must clearly display subscription prices and other details.

The new “confirm subscription” step was updated last week, but it’s not a regular update to iOS. Still, we’re glad to see the improvements apple has made for iOS users.