Apple or in WWDC 2019 announces Opening of iPhone NFC technology to third parties

According to 9to5mac, WWDC 2019 will release a series of new development capabilities to developers, including a mention of NFC features, According to 9to5mac, currently only NFC devices that are processed in NDEF data format can be read by IOS third-party apps, but devices that support the NFC standard like ISO7816, FeliCa, and MiFare will soon be read by IOS third-party apps.

However, according to 9to5mac, WWDC to third-party application development is only NFC “read” permissions, as to whether to develop “write” permissions this is unknown, so we need to wait for WWDC developers to end, release iOS13 beta 1 The beta system will not know if NFC is officially open for reading, writing, and writing permissions.