Can the buyer delay payment? Alipay, Adyen, Klarna reshape Aliexpress payment channels

Recently, it was reported that Alipay, Adyen and Klarna three payment companies collectively joined forces to provide “deferred payment” services to consumers of AliExpress.

The “deferred payment” service is understood to be planned with the technical support of Adyen, the payment provider behind Aliexpress. With this new option, consumers, including countries such as the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Germany, can choose when and how to pay on their own.

In addition, the service is scheduled to expand to other new national markets this year.

It is understood that the launch of “deferred payment” can provide consumers with smooth, convenient, flexible and popular payment service options; Buyers can choose the corresponding instant payment or delayed payment according to their own economic status. Buyers who use delayed payment can pay after the delivery of goods. This means that buyers have a chance to try out the product at home and decide whether they like it or not before paying for it. This will help increase the average order value of the platform and reduce the chances of cart “scrapping”.

Meanwhile, Michael Rouse, Klarna’s chief commercial officer, said: “this is only the first phase of the collaboration, and we look forward to further collaboration between Alipay, Adyen and Aliexpress to expand the service to more countries in the future. ”

In addition, the global head of consumer and market operations at Aliexpress said the service offered many possibilities for cross-border e-commerce practitioners. “Consumer demand is higher in many countries in Europe, and we are delighted to be able to add this popular payment method to the collection methods in multiple markets,” he added. In the future, Aliexpress is also looking forward to working with Adyen and Klarna to open up more markets. ”