China’s first brush face payment Metro begins operation

According to Chinese media reports, since April, China’s first face to pay Subway began commercial operations, this brush face payment subway is China’s Jinan metro line Line 1, which is China’s first use of 3D face recognition gate subway line.

What does that mean? That is to say, brush the face can not only punch and commute, used for high-speed rail inbound, and offline payment, now can brush the face to take the subway!

After passengers input face information on the Jinan subway APP in China, they only need to point their faces at the 3D face recognition device when they enter the station and can pass through the gate within 2 seconds.

The 3D face recognition brake has a built-in 3D camera, which can project 18,000 speckles to get complete 3D face data. When passengers pass through the face recognition channel, the 3D camera will collect 3D face features and compare them with the face information recorded in the system. After verification, they will be released.

In terms of security, the 3D face recognition gate machine of Jinan metro line 1 in China has the ability of in vivo detection, and can identify photos, video, masks and other disguised attack behaviors, with a misrecognition rate of one in a million.

Since the introduction of face recognition gate, by the subway self-service ticket queuing long, must rely on mobile phones, cards and other media to cross the gate problems will be eliminated.

According to the staff of Jinan metro group, the 3D face recognition gate machine of line 1 can pass 30-40 passengers in a minute, greatly improving the efficiency of subway operation.

It is foreseeable that more facial payment devices will be enabled in the future, and facial payment may even replace the popular QR code payment, a mobile payment method in China. So editor reminds you,remember to save your face.