Google Pay’s new features provide users with a more seamless payment experience

Many customers in the online shopping process often encountered such embarrassment: The site shows the ultra-low price of commodity prices are not the actual payment transaction price.

In order to attract customers, merchants usually make the price of goods very attractive, but will increase the actual payment through postage and other means; Or there are times when a store can overlay coupons, and while the price of a product is slightly higher, real payments may be lower than in other businesses. In order to solve the problem of real-time prices, Google pay is about to be able to feedback these factors in real time, so that customers in the online shopping process without having to click on the merchant website for careful examination.

To bring more detail and transparency to customers, Google has made some changes to the Google Pay API. In the future, the Google Pay payment form will display actual price information so users can reconfirm their order before confirming their purchase. Google also allows users to quickly view all relevant purchase details based on transaction conditions (such as postage) without having to return to the merchant’s website, speeding up the checkout experience.

In addition to being optimized for mobile payments, the platform’s Passes feature can help users manage membership CARDS and even get boarding Passes. After completing the check-in via Google Assistant, the user’s boarding pass appears in Google pay, allowing users to digitally track travel like online shopping products.

Google pay automatically extracts loyalty programs from tagged emails in Gmail so users don’t have to do it manually one by one.