Coinbase launched its debit card service in the UK

This week, cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase announced the launch of a debit card service in the UK.

This isa Visa card, which means you can use it to make online and offline purchases at any Visa merchant partner, or to make ATM withdrawals.

At the same time, Coinbase has launched an app called Coinbase Card to help users manage encrypted currency balances, which are directly associated with the user’s Coinbase and therefore do not require a new account to be opened.

As mentioned above, in addition to online and offline trading, the user can also use this card to withdraw money at the ATM machine, this process does not charge a handling fee, provided that the monthly advance amount must not exceed 200 pounds.

Currently, the debit card product is aimed at the UK, although Coinbase has plans to launch it in the European market.