Companies can now accept PayPal through Google Pay in 24 countries/territories

If you’re an avid PayPal user and happen to have an account associated with Google Pay, the good news is that you’ll soon be able to make payments more easily. Currently, users in all 24 countries/territories that use Google Pay as their payment method can Pay through their apps and websites using PayPal’s integrated payment method with Google, according to media reports.

“We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our partnership with PayPal to make it easy and seamless for customers to pay easily and seamlessly, regardless of the way and place they like to shop,” said Jose Ugia, a Google developer.

For this reason, Google pointed out that as long as merchants add PayPal to the Google Pay integration, Google Pay users can automatically select their PayPal account at checkout. For buyers, this can bring fewer steps and the benefits of PayPal’s purchase protection and return shipping insurance. As for merchants, they will continue to receive PayPal offers, including no minimum processing requirements and the ability to quickly withdraw payments directly to PayPal commercial accounts.

Google explained that hundreds of millions of customers have saved their payment methods, including PayPal, to their Google accounts as a result of the 2018 consolidation.

With this extended integration, merchants can choose to enable PayPal as a payment method in their Google Pay integrations – which can be easily done if Google Pay is already in use on their website, requiring only a small code change to the list of allowed payment methods. Any online shopper who wants to check out with Google Pay can choose PayPal to make a purchase.

The benefit to consumers of this integration is that when they use PayPal through Google Pay, they don’t have to log into PayPal, reducing the number of steps they have to take to check out. In addition, consumers can also get PayPal’s purchase protection and return shipping discounts.

For online merchants who are also PayPal merchants, when a customer selects PayPal through Google Pay, the merchant receives the money within minutes from their PayPal business account. Google Pay’s PayPal option is available in all 24 countries and territories, and customers can associate their PayPal accounts with Google Pay.

It is understood that Google and PayPal have been strategic partners. The company announced in 2017 that PayPal would become a payment method for Android Pay, which was later renamed Google Pay. Last year, PayPal was added to Google as a payment method on Google Pay. Users can Pay for Gmail, YouTube, Google Play and Google Store through PayPal options in Google Pay.

Google notes that “hundreds of millions” of users have saved their payments to their Google accounts and Google Pay.