Dibainok launches EnocPay allows consumers to pay for refueling with their phones on their cars

Enoc Group, the dubai-based oil retailer, announced it would introduce a new cashless, card-less payment platform, EnocPay, at Enoc’s and Eppco’s refuelling stations, allowing consumers to pay for fuel from their mobile phones while in the car.

With EnocPay, customers will be able to pay with their mobile phones without having to open their car doors, the company said, and the customer experience will be greatly enhanced.

The platform allows users to connect to their vehicle identification pass (VIP) via radio frequency identification (RFID) to enable them to top up, pay for fuel and pay at Zoom and Pronto stores.

The app also allows remote payment by entering details such as a website address and pump number.

Users must download the EnocPay app from the Apple Store or Google Play and sign up for a new account. Users can also sign in using their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Users can add credit and debit card details to the app. Both the user and the gas station staff receive a transaction status notification and automatically generate a digital receipt. Users can also view past purchase and transaction history.

Enoc Group chief executive Saif Humaid Al Falasi said: “our goal is to support the government in providing seamless services to visitors and residents, and we are proud to be able to facilitate this through our network of service stations.”