E-commerce giant eBay or will accept encrypted currency payments

Recently, some advertising images of the conference in the field of cryptocurrency have been exposed, and it is said that the e-commerce giant eBay may add cryptocurrency payment options to its platform.

The image shows eBay showing off its encrypted ads, one of which says: virtual currency, which takes place on eBay.

The content of the ad is rather obscure, but many believe it is evidence that the e-commerce giant is about to accept an encrypted currency payment. All along, eBay has been interested in cryptographic currencies.

eBay is one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, with about 179 million active buyers worldwide.

Of course, these few ad words may not represent anything. “Virtual currency, It’s happening on eBay” can also simply refer to the existing “virtual currency” category on eBay, which provides users with an anonymous way for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in currency.

There is already a section on eBay that specialises in virtual money, which also lists encryption-related products, including Bitcoin miners and hardware wallets.

Back in 2017, eBay had already evaluated the prospect of adding crypto payment options. In an interview, a former executive at the company revealed that eBay was seriously considering accepting Bitcoin payments, but there was no follow-up for a long time.

eBay is not the first e-commerce giant to support Bitcoin payments. Earlier, Overstock added encryption currency trading and Bitcoin payment options. In addition, many other major tech companies, including Microsoft, accept digital currencies from customers.

However, fluctuations in Bitcoin prices have also forced many companies to stop accepting Bitcoin.

Speculation about whether the company accepts Bitcoin is heating up quickly as images of eBay ads are posted online. Many pointed out that Sanja Kon, a former eBay and Paypal executive, had joined UTRUST, an encrypted payments company, and speculated that eBay might eventually team up with the company. Meanwhile, Paypal’s chief financial officer clarified last week that it was too early for the company to offer Bitcoin payments.