E-commerce software developer Shopify introduces AR function

According to media reports, e-commerce platform Shopify recently released a new augmented Reality (AR) feature,Use Apple’s new technology (Apple AR Quick look) to enhance the seller’s product presentation.

Currently, a group of Shopify merchants have modeled their products by operating the Shopify AR function.

“We are committed to making it easier for small businesses to tap their commercial potential through augmented reality, With the launch of the Apple AR Quick look feature, Shopify users can view the 3D product model directly on iOS 12 devices with Safari browser, without needing a separate mobile app or bulky augmented reality glasses. ”says Shopify.

AR content will truly change the way products are displayed, allowing Shopify users to truly feel the product, thereby driving customers to buy goods.

But for now, AR content can only be displayed on apple devices with iOS 12.

E-commerce sellers are aware that first-class product images are crucial to promoting e-commerce retailing, although video has improved the buyer’s browsing experience to a certain extent, but far less powerful than augmented reality technology (AR).

Although the real-world buyers still can’t touch the product, they can already see the reality of the product in the real situation.

This AR feature of Shopify will greatly improve customers’ buying confidence in the future and bring sales growth to sellers.

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce software developer founded by tobias Luke and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

Shopify is a shopping cart system in SaaS field, which is suitable for cross-border e-commerce to set up independent stations, on which users can build their own online stores with various themes/templates for a certain fee.