eBay expands its management payment services to Germany

eBay recently expanded a service that benefits sellers and helps them save money, media reported on April 24.

This service is the expansion of the eBay management payment business to Germany. It is reported that eBay plans to offer a variety of payment options to German buyers, including credit cards, direct payments, Apple Pay,Google pay and PayPal.

Following regulatory approval, eBay will continue to expand its managed payments service in Germany. Now eBay has announced that it will expand managed payments to Germany. Under the terms of an operating agreement with PayPal after the 2015 split, eBay could expand its payment processing to a second market in July.

The German vice president of eBay, Eben Sermon, said Germany was one of eBay’s largest markets in the world, and German customers attached great importance to a convenient and seamless shopping experience, including a preference for various payment methods, so Germany is the perfect place for eBay to expand its new payment experience outside the United States.

“The expansion of payment services has made the German market a new place to pay experience outside the United States,” said Eben Sermon, vice president of eBay. Offering new payment methods will bring significant efficiency and benefits to our customers, including helping our buyers pay in the way they want. ”

eBay said that by the end of the first quarter of 2019, the platform had processed a payment service of $363 million in total merchandise transactions (GMV), saving sellers 2.7 million of dollars in the process. Now after expanding to Germany, German station sellers can cheer. At the same time, for the platform, eBay will continue to see the accelerated momentum of its management payments.

The company said the expansion’s new service aims to provide buyers with flexible payment methods that give them more options and allow sellers to enter a new customer market and achieve higher sales performance.

It is understood that eBay began to provide end-to-end management payment services on its U.S. platform in September 2018, and selected a group of qualified sellers for the trial.