eBay introduces Google pay payment

Google Pay will soon be added to the Android, mobile web and desktop eBay apps, with the feature taking effect in early April.

In its announcement, eBay said it introduced Google payment solutions as millennials and gen Z (those born between the mid-1990s and 2000) increasingly use mobile phones and electronic wallets to make payments.

After spinning off PayPal in 2015, eBay began offering more payment options to consumers. “EBay provides an excellent payment experience that allows users to settle without leaving the platform,” the statement added.

In today’s e-commerce sector, buyers want to be able to settle and pay directly when browsing to a satisfactory product.

EBay introduced Apple Pay last year, and now the company has introduced Google Pay, which means eBay users have more flexibility to choose their preferred payment experience, ,which means eBay users can choose their preferred payment experience more flexibly.

EBay has previously said it will expand the new payment solution in 2019 and expects to transition to a new payment solution for most users by the end of 2021.

This time eBay introduced GooglePay after ApplePay, presumably also to provide buyers with more payment methods to choose from and expand the payment area.