eBay opened its hosted payment platform to a third party and upgraded five major API functions

eBay has opened its managed payment platform to third-party developers.

eBay shared the news at the annual meeting of eBay Connect developers, which opened on June 25.

As we all know, eBay introduced managed payments last year to achieve intermediate payments between buyers and sellers, but due to initial limitations, the platform has hampered sellers’ choices.

For example, until April this year, consumers couldn’t use PayPal to buy goods from sellers who registered to manage payments.

Sellers who choose to manage payments cannot use the many third-party tools they rely on, including bookkeeping and accounting tools, as well as eBay’s own global shipping program.

eBay recently announced a series of new and upcoming APIs that allow other companies to use eBay technology’s technology dialog system. According to eBay’s payment API, there are:

With the new API payment feature, third-party developers will be able to use eBay’s new hosted payment plan to create a more efficient way to help integrate sellers’ businesses. The new financial API will give sellers a more complete understanding of how to trade on eBay, allowing them to seamlessly manage the status of payments from the bank account where they are registered and hosted, obtain transaction details, and assist with accounting and reconciliation.

The new financial API is an initial release designed to allow sellers to evaluate and give feedback on their business. The API account also adds a new feature to determine whether a seller has joined a managed payment program. And, eBay has added a new refund feature to its finance API that allows hosted payment sellers to issue full or partial refunds to buyers.

According to the terms of the operating agreement signed by eBay and PayPal when they split in 2015, the scope of payment processing services provided by eBay is limited. Under the deal, eBay will be able to expand escrow payments to a second country next month and says it plans to enter the German market.

At the developer conference eBay announced other apis that could help sellers increase sales on the eBay platform.