Facebook launches mobile payment service on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook recently provided a much-needed payment service for its Facebook marketplace, an important tool that will make the experience of buying and paying through Facebook easier and easier.

However, Facebook has yet to release any announcements about the feature. The company has launched the service for Android and iOS users.

The new mobile payment service, first discovered by mobileworld.it, allows Facebook users to buy and pay for products through Facebook Marketplace. This new option can now be used on some Facebook pages that sell a variety of products. Marketplace payment services support VISA and mastercard. On top of that, there seems to be an encrypted currency wallet icon, and while it looks like a placeholder, Facebook has been rumoured over and over again to develop its own cryptocurrencies wallet. It has emerged that Facebook will launch the product later this year or in 2020.

While this feature looks useful, the current process is a bit more complicated and looks like a first step in Facebook’s transformation to a more complete e-store, since it will also provide a secure and convenient way to make payments in the Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is one of the company’s most recent features, and with the launch of this new feature, the company may persuade many users to actually use the market and add more reliability to the platform.

Facebook’s biggest advantage is its massive user base. Currently, 300 million users of Facebook messenger use the audio and video chat function every month. The launch of mobile payment function will not worry about users’ problems.

And in the field of mobile payments, this is undoubtedly adding another arch-rival.