Germany MasterCard credit card information breached nearly 90,000 users affected

According to the Europa news agency, the information of nearly 90,000 MasterCard users in Germany recently appeared on the Internet. MasterCard has responded.

According to media reports, an Excel file appeared on BBS, a German network, which can be opened by anyone who sees it. It lists the information of nearly 90,000 German MasterCard users.

The information leaked on this Excel form is all from users of “Princeless Specials”who participated in the MasterCard credit card reward program, including name, email address, first and last four digits of the credit card number, and some including the user’s address and mobile phone number.

Photo credit:unplash

The site quickly removed the Excel spreadsheet and warned BBS users who got it not to spread it.

MasterCard later announced the temporary closure of its“Princeless Specials”platform, which had been open to Germany for less than two years, and said it took personal privacy very seriously and would fully investigate the cause of the leaks.

MasterCard also stressed that the incident had nothing to do with the platform’s payment system.

According to the report, a sample of information from the forms showed that the leaks involved were true, but there were also some duplicates in the forms.

MasterCard says customers can check through the company’s published website if they want to know if their email address has been stolen. If you find that your email address has been compromised, you should change your password immediately.

Previously, MasterCard had a suspected theft of customer information in 2012. It is reported that more than 10 million credit card accounts were affected at that time. The global payments breach was first reported by the Internet blog Krebs security, which estimated the extent of the breach to be “massive” and estimated that more than 10 million credit card accounts were affected.

Small editorial speech thus shows that, as a credit card company, the importance of customer privacy protection.