Google Pay launch update: support for P2P payment and card coupons

Google is making several updates to Google Pay, according to media reports.

Most of these updates were announced earlier this year, but now Google says they can actually run in apps.

One of the complementary functions is peer-to-peer payments.

You’ve been able to Pay your friends or ask them for money through Google Pay Send, but from today, you can do this with Google Pay’s main paid App.

Google Pay is Google’s newly launched service that integrates different payment tools. In fact, Paypal’s launch of basically covers this feature.
Gerardo Capiel, director of product management at Google Pay, believes that this feature will make it easier for you and your friends to split accounts – if you buy something with Google Pay, click on Buy and you will be able to Up to five people asked for payment.

Since Google basically merged two apps, it sounds like Google Pay Send is about to exit the market, as Kapil said, “Our basic idea is to integrate all features into Google Pay Send,” but he said Pay Send is closed. The timing is “to be determined.”

The Google Pay app also has the ability to store tickets and boarding passes on your phone, a feature that also works with card coupons.

Both Ticketmaster and Southwest Airlines have expressed support, and Google said it plans to include the event event planning service platforms Eventbrite, Singapore Airlines and Vueling Airlines in the system.

While some features of Google Pay (such as the new Passes tag) are limited to Android systems, Kapil points out that their goal is to support users on any platform.

Therefore, Google Pay can be accessed online and through iOS applications.

Google said the company is making a cross-platform management all payment information easier, for example, allows users to update their payment information on the Internet, and see the update information reflected in their application.

Looking ahead, Kapil said his team plans to increase support for ticketing partners and launch Google Pay paid apps in more countries, especially those that have already used the service for online payments.