Huawei has released a series of payment method patents, including payment code security

Launched in 2016, HUAWEI Pay is a convenient mobile payment tool based on NFC chip launched by Huawei terminals in China through continuous accumulation and upgrading. This shows that Huawei has many years of development experience in the field of mobile payments, with deep strength.

Recently, according to, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently disclosed a number of payment method related patents, including “payment method and device”, “payment code anti-theft brush method, terminal equipment and computer readable storage media”, “payment method and electronic equipment” invention patents, The public numbers are CN112837051A, CN112837057A and CN112837058A.

Among them, the invention patent of “payment method and electronic device” provides a payment method and electronic device, the payment method includes: payment device or receiving device determines the location information of one or more electronic devices surrounding the device. The location information of one or more electronic devices is used to determine the correct transaction device. The application provides a new mode of secure payment.

The patent of payment method and device is used to solve the existing offline shopping settlement problems that require multiple interactions with users, cumbersome process and low settlement efficiency; Payment code theft brush method related patents to improve the security of mobile payment; Payment method and electronic device patents provide a new mode of secure payment.

Recently, it was reported that Huawei is recruiting mobile payment service engineer, mobile payment financial product manager, e-commerce payment product architect, e-commerce payment risk control product manager and other positions. The industry can not help but think that “Huawei intends to enter the mobile payment field.”